All natural, artisan soap, 
hand made in Connecticut.  
Aleppo soap. Essential oils.
Aspinock Soap Co. Putnam, CT

Aspinock Soap Co.

Carefully Handmade Soap

We love soap and we want you to love it too.  If you've only used drugstore soap, you don't know what you're missing. 

We are a small, family owned business that makes simple, old-fashioned soap that feels great on your skin, cleans well and rinses away like no other.  We use only natural vegetable oils, U.S. made lye and essential oils to make soaps that are refreshing and won't strip the skin or leave a waxy coating behind.  Every batch is carefully made by hand, the old fashioned way, in Connecticut's "Quiet Corner".  

Each bar is hand cut, so weight may vary, but all bars are 4.0 ounces or larger.  They are thoroughly cured to last a long time in the shower. Our soaps are scented only with essential oils (no fragrance oils) chosen specifically to appeal to both men and women. This soap is for the whole family.  

We started making soap as a personal quest for better soap.  We feel that we have succeeded, and now we want to share our soap with you.

Mike Bowers, Soapmaker

 54 Genevieve Street, Putnam CT 06260                                                                                                                        (860) 576-5282